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Cutting into concrete should only be done under expert guidance.
Tendon Systems is a premiere provider of concrete scanning and concrete coring services. As leaders of manufacturing and repairing PT cable, the teams at Tendon Systems are highly experienced and qualified.  Our concrete services have supported major building, bridge and structure renovations and construction.


With our Cable Free Guarantee, we will replace or repair any PT cables that were damaged or broken by the Tendon Team from coring at no additional cost to the customer.

Understanding the foundational risks and requirements of concrete coring and concrete scanning are essential.

Structural instability
Security risks
Property damage
Unanticipated cost and delays


Tendon Systems is a leader in post tensioning
construction and can offer:

  • Cable free guarantee, to replace or repair any damaged or broken PT cables from coring at no additional cost to the customer.
  • PT expertise and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Scanning and coring: two processes performed by the same contractor is an ideal solution for many clients. Many companies only offer concrete scanning but Tendon Systems is equipped to also provide concrete coring.
  • Trained technicians who understand how to accurately locate items within the concrete slab and can effectively core drill as needed.
  • Full-service engineering department for technical assistance.

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concrete scanning


A concrete scan is the preliminary step to executing a concrete demolition or concrete work of any kind. The plumbing, fiber optics, rebar, tension cables and other items that may be contained within concrete walls must be located. A concrete scanner will provide real time images to mark the location of these components.

Concrete scanning services can offer image-based detection and protect the utility of items encased in concrete. When construction teams plan a project based on accurate concrete scan images, they will avoid mishaps or delays.

Concrete scanning is most commonly performed with a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Whether you face a new construction project or are carrying out a renovation, you can’t afford the cost of damage to structurally vital or costly materials. The cutting, coring and drilling process should be based on the right data from an effective concrete scan. Ground penetrating radar scanning the non-invasive and efficient choice to achieve this.

GPR scanning is part of our process. The experts at Tendon Systems can read concrete scan images and understand various aspects about a concrete structure. This understanding will inform the project. In concrete scanning, you may detect:

  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Concrete thickness
  • Voids, including air gaps in concrete slab on grade and more
  • Embedded electrical lines and wires
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Reinforcing steel
Any project, from installing drains to demoing a concrete structure, should begin with a concrete scan.

concrete coring

Tendon Systems provides comprehensive engineering and construction work. Our concrete coring work is performed for general contractors, concrete contractors, MEP contractors, MEP engineers, structural engineers and some forensic engineers as well as building owners and managers.

A concrete core project is accomplished through the removal of cylindrical sections of concrete.Core drilling concrete requires highly capable machines and operators. A concrete core drill penetrates the slab with precision. Any inaccuracies can result in high cost repairs or incredible structural damage.

Concrete drilling and concrete coring are often performed to enhance structural strength. The entire process should be dust free, non-percussive and give off low noise, making it an ideal choice for active work sites. Holes may be drilled at numerous angles. Tendon Systems has knowledgeable teams that can achieve optimal results even in confined spaces or sensitive areas. With minimal disruption and virtually no cosmetic damage, concrete coring has many useful applications.


Hire Tendon Systems
for Concrete
Scanning and Coring

Tendon Systems can provide concrete scanning and coring or concrete scanning alone.

Tendon Systems provides the best concrete scanning and coring services in a client-centric way. As such, we take on the burden of repair or replacement for any post tension cables that may incur damage during concrete scanning and concrete coring. Because these can range from $7k-$10k per cable, clients should know that we take our work quality seriously and are willing to reduce risk, even at our own cost.

Tendon Systems has offices in Atlanta but can provide project support and work in locations around the country.

We are a trusted provider of expert post-tensioning, barrier cable, restoration and engineering services for some of the biggest construction companies in the country.