Tendon Systems Projects

Tendon Systems is proud to have led some of the most prestigious and well-known construction projects nationwide. We have worked to upgrade landmark locations, performed expert renovations and led the industry for innovative solutions. Here are some examples of our exceptional work, done around the country for towers, bridges, airports and buildings. Each of these examples illustrates a variety of engineered solutions, including post-tensioning, concrete restoration, elite architecture/design and more.


Moraya Bay is an architectural masterpiece. This tower of luxury condos is in one of the most coveted and prestigious locations in the country. Tendon Systems worked in Naples, FL to execute this building to the highest level of meticulous detail and skilled workmanship.

State Farm Atlanta Hub

Tendon Systems worked on the elegant, geometric building that is the State Farm hub in Atlanta, GA. Utilizing best-in-class technology and innovative solutions, this building will stand tall as a noteworthy landmark in the downtown area. Positioned alongside other concrete structures, both old and new, it is set apart by its unique architectural components and powerful use of post-tensioning technology. Tendon is proud to have our name as one of the businesses that contributed to this outstanding construction project.


Tendon Systems is one of the few prequalified subcontractors and service suppliers to some of the largest organizations and management companies in the U.S. They have worked on aviation sites and led effective construction projects at Orlando International Airport.


Tendon Systems had the wonderful opportunity to provide outstanding engineering, post tension material and barrier cable install at the Children's of Alabama James C. Lee III Building and parking deck in Birmingham, Alabama. The six-story office building will support more than 200 employees working in non-clinical support services, and the parking deck includes more than 1,300 spaces. The Lee Building is connected via a pedestrian bridge to Children’s existing Park Place building and serves as a connector to all of Children’s Russell Campus facilities.


Clermont Hotel Renovation


State Farm Atlanta Hub



Centennial Yards