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For more than 30 years, Tendon Systems has been an industry-leading provider of post-tensioning, barrier cable, and restoration services throughout the country. Built on a foundation of quality products, exceptional services, and engineering expertise, the Tendon team has what your project needs to be successful, on time and on budget.


What We Do

Post-Tensioning Systems 

Tendon Systems is one of the best providers of large-scale post-tensioning systems. Tendon Systems provides post-tensioning and post-tension work that leverages the most advanced technology available. We offer expert design, fabrication and installation of post-tension slab on grade, bridges, stadiums, buildings and more. 
Tendon Systems is one of the only post-tension cable companies with decades of experience and expertise. Our record of success illustrates reliable installation of these systems in parking garages, apartment buildings and other structures that require commercial post-tensioning.
Our post-tension services include the initial design and construction of the systems as well as post-tension cable repair.
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Restoration Services 

Concrete restoration is a vital service that can save your business millions of dollars. However large or small, Tendon Systems is one of the top concrete contractors that perform expert restoration. Concrete construction companies and even concrete company websites may provide limited information about the nature of this specialized work. Restoration is a vital component of quality concrete construction projects and essential to protect aged concrete structures. 
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Barrier Cable

Tendon Systems uses barrier cable to provide engineered vehicular impact and pedestrian control solutions. Our barrier cable systems reduce the need for high-cost structures or barricades. This elegant and effective solution, implemented by our highly-skilled and experienced barrier cable constructors, has worked for our clients in over 1,000 locations. 
Barrier cables are effective in parking garages. Barrier Cable for parking structures are installed by our PTI-Level 2 certified field crews and certified welders. Additionally, we offer:
  • Specialized End Terminations & Support Posts
  • Mesh & Fencing
  • Wire Rope Handrail Systems
  • Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel / Plastic Coated Products
  • Retrofits & Code Upgrades
  • Traffic Coatings, Sealants & Speciality Services
  • Additional Services
  • Cable Types and Sizes
  • Anchorage and End Fittings
Post-tensioned slab on grade is more durable and economical than conventional slab reinforcement. The benefits of faster construction schedules while decreasing the quantity of concrete and rebar saves money.
Post-tensioning imparts an internal compressive force into the concrete. This increases resistance to deflections and cracking caused by expansive soil problems such as lift, shrinkage or swelling due to temperature or moisture changes. This assures superior long lasting, high-quality surfaces in a variety of applications. Better quality with lower costs – a true Win-Win for the construction team.

Slab on Grade Solutions

Tendon's Post-Tensioning systems improve performance and durability for a wide variety of applications:

  • Single Family Residential Slab On Ground
  • Multi-family Residential Slab On Ground
  • Industrial and Commercial Floors
  • Super Flat Warehouse and Industrial Floor Slabs
  • Mat Foundations
  • Tennis Courts / Recreational Surfaces
  • Tilt Wall Panels
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Engineered Services

Our expert team is made up of engineers, project managers, construction experts and more. We have provided reliable project partnerships for clients in numerous industries. Our scope of services includes:
  • Project management
  • Drawings and specs
  • Consultation
  • Construction scheduling and sequencing
  • Installation
  • Materials
  • Troubleshooting
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Scanning & Coring

Cutting into concrete should only be done under expert guidance.

Tendon Systems is a premiere provider of concrete scanning and concrete coring services. As leaders of manufacturing and repairing PT cable, the teams at Tendon Systems are highly experienced and qualified.  Our concrete services have supported major building, bridge and structure renovations and construction.

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