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Tendon Systems has a legacy of construction and engineering projects that surpass customer expectations. 

There are many things that set Tendon Systems apart. Our core team of experts have decades in the industry. We have worked since 1979 to provide a diverse range of services, which include:

FRP carbon fiber strengthening
Shear stud reinforcement
Advanced construction systems


Tendon Systems
Engineered Services


With more than 30 years of experience, we have offered cost-effective engineered solutions. We lead the industry in innovative approaches to standard and specialized applications. Our team has completed over 5,000 projects in advanced construction technology. We are proud to have engineered some of the largest and most prestigious construction and restoration projects in the country.


Tendon Systems Engineered Projects

Our clients utilize Tendon’s expert teams from design to completion. We can provide a full scope of services, including:

Design during preconstruction. Our preliminary designs are backed by guaranteed price proposals for both rebar and post-tensioning material and labor for new construction.

Our team of engineers can work with consultants to design strengthening solutions for old or new buildings.

Design-build is executed with maximum economy. We can provide negotiated fast track and design build projects that are assembled early. Our teams also collaborate well and can add value with deep construction knowledge.


Value engineering provides substantial cost savings. Tendon Systems can review plans and specs and make cost and time saving adjustments for construction and restoration.

Adaptive reuse can take an existing structure through a conversion process. This requires significant knowledge and building code reviews. Tendon’s teams of engineers are amply equipped to apply solutions for structural strengthening and other essential tasks.

Historic preservation is a challenging and rewarding process. Terra-cotta, limestone, travertine, concrete, marble, granite and brick can all be restored by specialized work teams. Tendon Systems has teams who are expertly qualified to assist in historic preservation.


Hire Tendon for Engineered Services


Whether you are beginning construction or have a property in need of restoration, Tendon Systems can help. Our engineered services offer a full range of professional construction. From design to implementation, we offer a unique and immensely qualified perspective for your project. Contact us to learn more.