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Restoration Solutions

Tendon Systems has spent over 30 years providing world-class concrete restoration for structures on every scale. We are more than a construction company. Our expert services include a team of engineers, concrete construction specialists and concrete restoration teams. We are highly skilled and understand how to implement best practice work for concrete construction and concrete repair.

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Concrete Construction and Services



Concrete Construction and Services

We bring decades of expertise to concrete construction and concrete repair. Tendon Systems is one of the few concrete construction companies that can handle virtually any project scope with accuracy and efficiency. Our skill set encompasses:

  • Concrete repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Wall & deck coatings
  • Expansion joint systems
  • Structural strengthening
  • Historic preservation
  • Repair and retrofit services
  • Barrier Cable Repair

We have implemented this work in a variety of structures, including:

  • Condominiums
  • Parking garages
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitality
  • Health care
  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine
  • Bridges




Post-tension and Concrete Repairs

We offer post-tensioning work for all types of buildings and projects. Tendon Systems leads the industry in this trade. We are highly qualified to mobilize field service techs to address any kind of post-tension tendon issue. Many clients find that hiring less qualified or experienced trade workers leads to unexpected ruptures or even disastrous accidents. Don’t take that chance with your concrete structures.

Concrete repair work by Tendon Systems includes:

  1. Epoxy injection for crack repairs
  2. Expansion joint replacement
  3. Epoxy top coating

You may need concrete repair for many reasons, including deterioration from chemicals or climate. Corrosive agents can unexpectedly wear away at your structures, weakening or ruining parts of your concrete. Our crews are efficient and can provide service with minimal disruption. Our structural engineers, who work in-house, will certify that structural integrity has been effectively restored.

Concrete Restoration

Tendon Systems has a legacy of outstanding work, leading the field of concrete restoration and saving clients millions of dollars. We do this with three core activities:

GPR Scanning and Coring: this is a critical step when performing post-tension and reinforcement repairs. We can locate all tendons and only address issues of actually need, which minimizes disruptions and reduces cost.

Inspections: our qualified team can provide consultation and inspection. With our expert technical knowledge, we can assess existing conditions and accurately estimate a budget for repair.

Structural Evaluation & Failure Assistance: Tendon Systems has in-house P.E.s. This enables us to offer cost savings in our engineered solutions for specialized applications. At the cutting edge of the industry, we can work on projects that implement the latest in construction tech systems and services.

Structural Strengthening/FRP

Tendon Systems can optimize the strength of any structure by using FRPs, or fiber reinforced polymers. This process has effectively retrofitted numerous buildings and enhanced structural capacity. This can be done either with carbon fiber or fiberglass symptoms.

  1. Carbon Fiber FRP is the more common solution because it has higher load capacities.
  2. Fiberglass FRP is implemented when elasticity is required to solve an issue.

FRP retrofit by Tendon Systems can modify columns, beams and slabs. This adapts existing items to meet new loading requirements. Additionally, carbon fiber may be used to compensate for construction deficiencies. This is a great solution for force protection

Our team brings over 30 years of experience focused exclusively on concrete repair, waterproofing, coatings, expansion joints, structural strengthening, restoration, repair and retrofit services for all types of structures that includes condominiums, parking garages, stadiums, hospitality, health care, offices, industrial, infrastructure, marine and bridges.

Tendon Systems project supervisors are certified applicators for a wide variety of the industry’s finest coating and weatherproofing products.  This scope of service will usually also include façade repairs, masonry repairs and caulking.  Maintenance coatings for roofs and parking coatings is another service offering.

Tendon Systems adheres to a rigorous safety program to ensure worker safety since this work is generally high rise in nature.

With a dedicated work force and adherence to rigorous safety standards Tendon Systems restores and enhances our Client’s property portfolio.

For restoration & waterproofing services, Tendon Systems offers property owners and managers one source to preserve and enhance their investment.

With an extensive background in new post-tensioning applications, Tendon Systems’ field service technicians are recognized as industry leaders to able to take on the most complex PT tendon, whether due to corrosion or tendon rupture due to inexperienced remodeling by other trades.

Concrete Repairs includes epoxy injection for crack repairs, expansion joint replacement due to deterioration from corrosion or thermal effects.  Epoxy top coatings for parking decks and plaza levels are another typical application in this scope of work.

Structures exhibiting deterioration include parking decks, both precast and post-tensioned, due to de-icing salts, water and thermal changes, condominiums in coastal areas due to coastal chlorides and industrial facilities and waste water treatment plants due to corrosive agents.

Tendon Systems crews work fast with minimal disruption to the building owner.  Work is then reviewed by Tendon’s in house Structural Engineers and a certification is provided that all work has restored the structural integrity of the system.

GPR Scanning & Coring

Tendon Systems has developed a strong resume in GPR Scanning.  GPR Scanning is critical when performing post-tension and reinforcement repairs.  With the ability to locate post- tension tendons prior to coring, Tendon Systems can pinpoint locations to minimize disruption and additional cost.


Tendon Systems provides Consultants and Owners inspection services.  With our specialized and technical knowledge with post-tensioned concrete structures, the Tendon Systems Team can review and assess existing conditions to assist in preparing the budget to repair these deteriorated conditions.

Forensics Corrosion & Failure Assistance

Having in-house Registered P.E’s enables Tendons Systems to offer innovative, cost effective engineered solutions for specialized applications and stay on the leading edge of industry innovations.  During the past 30 years the Tendon Engineering Support Team has completed projects centered around advanced construction technology systems and services.

Tendon Systems has a knack for developing innovative and unique solutions for structural strengthening on broad range of structures.  Structures have been strengthened with a wide variety of solutions.

External post-tensioning is an excellent solution and has been successfully utilized to accommodate new loading conditions, creation of openings and new elevators.

FRP, fiber reinforced polymers have been successfully incorporated into retrofit solutions to restore or enhance structural capacity.  FRP can either utilize carbon fiber or fiberglass systems.

Carbon Fiber FRP is the predominant solution due to its higher load capacities with Fiberglass FRP utilized where more elasticity and deformation is required as part of the solution equation.  FRP retrofit work includes columns, beams and slabs to compensate for corrosion of the existing mild steel reinforcing or to handle new loading requirements. Carbon Fiber has also been used to compensate for construction deficiencies where rebar or beams were omitted from the structure during construction.

FRP is an excellent design choice for Force protection.


"Thank you for all you guys did. Very proud of the relationship that was formed and what we accomplished together."

– William Harper
Reeves + Young 

Our team brings over 30 years of experience focused exclusively on concrete repair, waterproofing, coatings, expansion joints, structural strengthening, restoration, repair and retrofit services for all types of structures that includes condominiums, parking garages, stadiums, hospitality, health care, offices, industrial, infrastructure, marine and bridges.