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Post-Tensioning Systems

Tendon Systems designs and builds large-scale post-tensioning systems. Tendon Systems provides post-tensioning and post-tension work utilizing the most advanced technology available. We offer expert design, fabrication and installation of post-tension slab on grade, bridges, stadiums, buildings and more. 

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Post-Tensioning Solutions



Tendon Post-Tensioning

Tendon Systems has specialized in post-tensioning for decades. Our post-tension cable systems are expertly designed and reliably installed. Clients use us to build post-tensioning for pedestrian and vehicle safety in:

  • High Rise
  • Multi Family
  • Parking Garages
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Condominiums

Buildings that require commercial post-tensioning require all essential elements of that process. Our expertly managed post-tension projects follow best protocol and efficiently produce the right system for your building. Hire Tendon Systems for the full scope of post-tension projects:

  1. Design
  2. Fabricate
  3. Install

Tendon Systems delivers quality, service and value nationwide, specializing in cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete structures.

This includes high rise, multi-family, parking garages, hotels, offices and condominiums. Supported with in-house engineering design support, Tendon Systems can provide its Clients responsive design and budgeting input at an early stage of project development.

Tendon Systems’ Unbonded Monostrand System utilizes the latest extrusion technology to produce unbonded tendons with a uniform coating of abrasion resistant, high density polyethylene sheathing over a low friction, corrosion inhibiting lubricant. All unbonded post tension tendons are fabricated according to the governing ASTM and PTI Standards in our PTI Certified Plant.

Fabricated tendons are tagged, bundled and delivered by construction sequence for ease of field placement.

Tendon Systems’ encapsulated system is designed for aggressive corrosive environments such as coastal areas and parking garages exposed to de-icing salts. The encapsulated system comprises plastic coated anchorages, 60 mil plastic sheathing and positive locking connection tubes and end caps ensuring complete isolation of the wedge cavity and strand from corrosive elements.

Stressing Equipment is serviced and calibrated prior to delivery to the jobsite. Technical Field Service Representatives provide our Clients with on-site assistance for Tendon Systems installation, stressing and construction sequencing.

For turn-key packages, Tendon system offers a cost effective labor force to provide complete installation services for all post-tensioning, ShearailsTM and rebar materials.

Shearail by Tendon Systems is ICC ( International Code Council) strength tested. Shearail shear stud reinforcement system is an advanced, engineered product.
Shearail provides significant building construction cost savings since drop panels and concrete shear capitals can be eliminated. This yields formwork and concrete savings and enables a faster construction schedule.
Stud shear reinforcement has emerged as the preferred method of increasing punching capacity in thin slabs. It has been used in thousands of buildings all over the world, including the United States and Canada. Sherails provide an uncongested and quickly installed alternative to closed stirrups or other less popular methods of punching strengthening. Post-tensioning or other slab reinforcement can simply be installed between the heads of the vertical studs.
Reduced installation time translates into reduced labor costs and faster turnaround time per pour. With the use of the design guidelines of ACI 421.1R99, Shearails can eliminate the need for shear capitals, significantly reducing formwork costs and allowing the use of fly forms. The large 10:1 head-to-stem cross-sectional area ratio provides superior anchorage, allowing full utilization of the stud material.
Why Shearails? Punching Shear is a significant design consideration in flat plate slabs. Often it is the controlling design criterion.
Public Life Safety Enhanced! Structural failures due to inadequate moment capacity usually exhibit advanced warning signs such as excessive slab deflections and concrete cracking. These warning indicators provide notice and the structure can be evacuated, shored and stabilized so public safety can be secured. Punching shear capacity failures, however, are abrupt and usually catastrophic and can lead to a progressive failure collapse and severe loss of life.
What are the Design Team’s Options to high punching shear?
  • Shear capitals, drop heads or drop panels, or
  • Thicker slab depths, or
  • Larger column size, or
  • Closed rebar stirrup reinforcement, or
  • Headed stud shear reinforcement Shearails



"My experience working with Tendon Systems has been exceptional. Time is critical in construction; and changes are common. When we receive a change, we know we can rely on the team at Tendon Systems to get us new drawings and material quickly and reliably.

They always do a great job thinking problems through with us and being proactive, instead of waiting for delays and issues to occur. 

Tendon follows our delivery schedules well and is flexible in terms of material supply and engineering support. We will continue to prefer partnering with Tendon Systems for all our post-tension work."

"We have worked with Tendon Systems for over 20 years. In all these years they continue to deliver a quality product. We used another cable company to save some money and we had problems from the start of the job. Deliveries were short and cables labeled wrong and shop drawings didn't match the product they sent out. We went back to Tendon after that fiasco and have never looked anywhere else. We trust the Tendon team to give us a competitive price. They work hard to insure we are ahead of schedule with what we need and is quick to get shop drawings out. We believe quality people deliver a quality product and Tendon Systems is an example of that."

– Erinn Lynn
Primary Structures, Inc.  

“For almost a decade Williams Construction Co. has partnered with Tendon Systems on all of our post tension projects.  Our company relies heavily on service and quality over the lowest price.  In return we expect top quality service from project inception through completion.  Tendon Systems has met and exceeded these expectations. It is because of their performance that our company will continue to rely on Tendon Systems on all of our post tension needs.”

- Matt Allen
Williams Construction Co.