Structural Strengthening / FRP

Tendon Systems has a knack for developing innovative and unique solutions for structural strengthening on broad range of structures.  Structures have been strengthened with a wide variety of solutions.

External post-tensioning is an excellent solution and has been successfully utilized to accommodate new loading conditions, creation of openings and new elevators.

FRP, fiber reinforced polymers have been successfully incorporated into retrofit solutions to restore or enhance structural capacity.  FRP can either utilize carbon fiber or fiberglass systems.

Carbon Fiber FRP is the predominant solution due to its higher load capacities with Fiberglass FRP utilized where more elasticity and deformation is required as part of the solution equation.  FRP retrofit work includes columns, beams and slabs to compensate for corrosion of the existing mild steel reinforcing or to handle new loading requirements.    Carbon Fiber has also been used to compensate for construction deficiencies where rebar or beams were omitted from the structure during construction.

FRP is an excellent design choice for Force protection.

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