Post Tension & Concrete Repairs

With an extensive background in new post-tensioning applications, Tendon Systems’ field service technicians are recognized as industry leaders to able to take on the most complex PT tendon, whether due to corrosion or tendon rupture due to inexperienced remodeling by other trades.

Concrete Repairs includes epoxy injection for crack repairs, expansion joint replacement due to deterioration from corrosion or thermal effects.  Epoxy top coatings for parking decks and plaza levels are another typical application in this scope of work.

Structures exhibiting deterioration include parking decks, both precast and post-tensioned, due to de-icing salts, water and thermal changes, condominiums in coastal areas due to coastal chlorides and industrial facilities and waste water treatment plants due to corrosive agents.

Tendon Systems crews work fast with minimal disruption to the building owner.  Work is then reviewed by Tendon’s in house Structural Engineers and a certification is provided that all work has restored the structural integrity of the system.

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