Additional Services – Concrete Restoration

GPR Scanning & Coring
Tendon Systems has developed a strong resume in GPR Scanning.  GPR Scanning is critical when performing post-tension and reinforcement repairs.  With the ability to locate post- tension tendons prior to coring, Tendon Systems can pinpoint locations to minimize disruption and additional cost.

Tendon Systems provides Consultants and Owners inspection services.  With our specialized and technical knowledge with post-tensioned concrete structures, the Tendon Systems Team can review and assess existing conditions to assist in preparing the budget to repair these deteriorated conditions.

Forensics Corrosion & Failure Assistance
Having in-house Registered P.E’s enables Tendons Systems, LLC to offer innovative, cost effective engineered solutions for specialized applications and stay on the leading edge of industry innovations.  During the past 30 years the Tendon Engineering Support Team has completed projects centered around advanced construction technology systems and services.

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