Slab on Grade

Post-tensioned slab on grade is more durable and economical than conventional slab reinforcement. The benefits of faster construction schedules while decreasing the quantity of concrete and rebar saves money.

Post-tensioning imparts an internal compressive force into the concrete. This increases resistance to deflections and cracking caused by expansive soil problems such as lift, shrinkage or swelling due to temperature or moisture changes. This assures superior long lasting, high-quality surfaces in a variety of applications. Better quality with lower costs – a true Win-Win for the construction team.

Slab on Grade Solutions

Tendon Systems, LLC Post-Tensioning systems improve performance and durability for a wide variety of applications:

  • Single Family Residential Slab On Ground
  • Multi-family Residential Slab On Ground
  • Industrial and Commercial Floors
  • Super Flat Warehouse and Industrial Floor Slabs
  • Mat Foundations
  • Tennis Courts / Recreational Surfaces
  • Tilt Wall Panels

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Slab On Grade Post Tensioning Project