Commercial Post Tensioning

Tendon Systems, LLC delivers quality, service and value nationwide, specializing in cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete structures.

This includes high rise, multi-family, parking garages, hotels, offices and condominiums. Supported with in-house engineering design support, Tendon Systems can provide its Clients responsive design and budgeting input at an early stage of project development.

Tendon Systems’ Unbonded Monostrand System utilizes the latest extrusion technology to produce unbonded tendons with a uniform coating of abrasion resistant, high density polyethylene sheathing over a low friction, corrosion inhibiting lubricant. All unbonded post tension tendons are fabricated according to the governing ASTM and PTI Standards in our PTI Certified Plant.

Fabricated tendons are tagged, bundled and delivered by construction sequence for ease of field placement.

Tendon Systems’ encapsulated system is designed for aggressive corrosive environments such as coastal areas and parking garages exposed to de-icing salts. The encapsulated system comprises plastic coated anchorages, 60 mil plastic sheathing and positive locking connection tubes and end caps ensuring complete isolation of the wedge cavity and strand from corrosive elements.

Stressing Equipment is serviced and calibrated prior to delivery to the jobsite. Technical Field Service Representatives provide our Clients with on-site assistance for Tendon Systems installation, stressing and construction sequencing.

For turn-key packages, Tendon system offers a cost effective labor force to provide complete installation services for all post-tensioning, ShearailsTM and rebar materials.

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