Ground Anchors

GeostrandTM extrusion coated single and double corrosion protected Ground Support Strand Anchors are another product line offered from Tendon Systems, LLC. GeostrandTM Ground Anchors provide earth retaining capacities from 100 kips up to 2,000 kips.

Quick Facts:
Tendon Systems fabricates Ground Anchors at its centrally located plant in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Situated on 8 acres this 93,000 SF facility enables Tendon Systems to handle the largest and most complex fabrication requirements. With three extruders, two fabrication lines and a fully equipped hydraulic shop Tendon Systems can handle a wide array of products and services.

Inside storage for long duration projects can also be accommodated to protect components and ground anchors from corrosion or degradation.

Ground Anchorage System
Tendon Systems offers 0.6 inch Strand Anchors for prestressed soil and rock anchors. Tendon System Ground Anchors have been designed for permanent and temporary strand anchor applications in corrosive and non-corrosive environments.

Tendon Systems Strand Anchors utilize a seamless jacket of high density polyethylene or polypropylene to encapsulate the prestressing steel and corrosion inhibitor. The plastic sheathing is watertight, chemically stable and highly resistant to environmental stress cracking. Anchors are fabricated with wave spacers to provide complete separation of all strands.

Centralizers are included to ensure that the entire surface of each strand is bonded to the cement grout in the bond zone.

Tendon Systems Ground Anchors meet all ADSC and PTI Class I and II durability protection criteria and strength requirements, and are shop fabricated, coiled, palletized and delivered to the jobsite ready for installation.

Temporary anchors are used primarily as tiebacks for excavated retaining walls. Permanent ground anchor applications include slope stabilization for embankments, tiedowns and high retaining walls for roadway or commercial structures.

Double Corrosion Protection Anchors (DCP Anchors) are shop grouted for the bond zone portion upon Client request in order to facilitate rapid field installation. Specialized variable load anchorages and load cells are custom designed for each specific use.

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