Engineered Services

Tendon Systems, LLC has a knack for taking on challenging, difficult projects and meeting our Client’s expectations, budget and schedule.

Our Founder began his construction and engineering career specializing in post-tensioned concrete systems in 1979.  The genesis of Tendon Systems, LLC was formed from that extensive base of experience and affiliated personnel. Over the years Tendon Systems has diversified its base of expertise to include FRP carbon fiber strengthening, specialized steel systems, stressbars, shear stud reinforcement and other advanced construction systems.

Having in-house Registered P.E’s enables Tendons Systems, LLC to offer innovative, cost effective engineered solutions for specialized applications and stay on the leading edge of industry innovations. During the past 30 years the Tendon Engineering Support Team has completed over 5,000 projects centered around advanced construction technology systems and services. Seasoned management leadership combined with a dedicated staff of experienced professionals provides our Clients with a reliable project partner who adds value from conception to completion.
Tendon Systems, LLC is focused on providing advanced technology and dependable solutions for some of America’s largest and most prestigious construction and restoration projects.

Preliminary Design
Many Clients solicit Tendon Systems input during the preconstruction design phase. To expedite the design and financing of the project, preliminary designs can be backed with guaranteed price proposals for the entire package of rebar and post-tensioning material and labor new construction structures.

For challenging structural restoration projects, Tendon’s group of engineers can work with the Owner’s team of consultants to prepare preliminary strengthening solutions to restore the building’s structural integrity.

Negotiated/Fast-Track & Design-Build
Maximum economy for a building is achieved when the construction team (i.e., the Owner/Developer, Contractor, Concrete Contractor and Tendon Systems) is assembled early in the design phase. This enables Tendon Systems to collaborate and contribute our specialized design and construction knowledge.

Value Engineering
Substantial cost savings are often realized when Tendon Systems reviews proposed plans and specifications to develop more cost-effective and time-efficient construction and restoration methods.

Adaptive Re-Use
Many times an existing structure will be re-purposed from its original design intent to another.  For example, an older office building was recently converted into a multi-level high school.  Structures can be converted from condominium to hotel or from high rise rental apartments to condominiums. The list is extensive.  An adaptive re-use requires a thorough Building Code review for loading, egress, fire protection and many other key elements.

Tendon Systems can help identify different situations where structural strengthening could be applied and provide multiple  structural strengthening options.

Historic Preservation
Restoring historic buildings presents multiple challenges.  From a structural standpoint, many times there are no building plans to review, therefore investigative work could be required by the Consultants to determine existing capacity.

Exterior elements many times have deteriorated and require repair or replacement, such as terra-cotta, limestone, travertine, concrete, marble, granite and brick.

Tendon Systems has the specialized field workforce experienced with the unique challenges of historic preservation.

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