The Most Cost-Effective Option for Increasing Punching Capacity

July 19, 2017

Outside of the construction industry, “punching capacity” and “punching shear” would seem to be terms associated with boxing matches. Within the industry, these terms have a bit in common with their pugilistic counterparts. If punching capacity isn’t sufficient, punching shear failure can occur at the intersection of a concrete slab and a support column, and

Barrier Cable Systems Offer High Performance at Lower Cost

June 30, 2017

Although the primary purpose of parking structures is to provide vehicle parking spaces, design considerations must address considerably more than the structural integrity required to handle anticipated loads. Provisions must be incorporated to ensure that vehicles enter and exit only at locations designed for such purposes. Pedestrian control is also an important consideration; structures must

The Clermont Restoration

June 19, 2017

Atlanta, Georgia is a city steeped in history. Unfortunately, for many years preserving history wasn’t seen as being particularly important. Historic buildings that fell into disrepair were demolished, seemingly without a second thought. A prime example is the Loew’s Grand Theater, site of the Atlanta premier of the film “Gone With the Wind”. Within months

The Challenge of Concrete Restoration

May 16, 2017

Although it was just a line in a movie, there’s a lot of real-world truth to “If you build it, they will come”. Although having people use a structure for its intended purpose has a number of economic benefits, usage also brings with it wear and tear, and after years of use, the need for

Post Tensioning – High Tech for Concrete Slabs on Ground

May 1, 2017

For as long as concrete has been used for residential slab on grade, industrial, commercial and warehouse flooring, mat foundations, recreational surfaces and tilt wall panels, cracking has been a problem. Reinforcing concrete with rebar has improved resistance to cracking and fracturing, but with limited success. If soil problems (lift, shrinkage or swelling) are sufficiently