Cable Types and Sizes

Tendon System offers Barrier Cable Systems in several coatings and corrosion protection levels depending on use and environment.  The most widely specified coating is Class A-ASTM A475 galvanization.  Enhanced coatings include a zinc aluminum alloy ASTM B750 Galfan which offers 3 to 1 corrosion performance enhancement.

Additional protection aesthetics can be provided with the addition of a 60 mil extruded sheathing of high density polyethylene which is hot melt extruded over wax coated cable.  The HDPE sheathing can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors. Special ultra-violet, anti-oxidizing inhibitors are added during the process to ensure durability and weather resistance.

Tendon Systems Barrier Cable is primarily produced with ½ inch diameter strand.  Other sizes are available upon request.

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