Additional Services – Barrier Cables

Fabrication and Delivery
Tendon Systems Barrier Cable is fabricated in a PTI Certified Plant.  Quality craftsmanship is our goal for every project.  Specialized packaging is utilized to avoid damage during transport.

Design, Supply & Install Package
Generally, Clients prefer this package since it provides sole source turn-key responsibility for the Barrier Cable System.  Tendon Systems will provide P.E. engineered shop drawings and handles all materials, delivery, job site handling and installation requirements.  Tendon Systems provides only experienced and PTI-Level 2 Certified field crews and Certified Welders.  Installation is professional and timely.

Engineering Support
Tendon Systems Barrier Cable Engineers will design the complete barrier system according to the latest codes and PTI recommendations for vehicle and pedestrian restraint including structural steel posts, intermediate supports, fencing, mesh and terminations.  Our Structural Engineers are Registered Professional Engineers and have many years of industry experience.

Technical Support
Our Field Service Technicians provide the Client with on-site assistance for system installation, stressing and sequencing.  Our turnkey design/build package consisting of all materials, equipment and installation services for the complete barrier system is the client’s preferred method of construction usually.

Mesh and Fencing Systems
Mesh and fencing systems can be incorporated into the barrier cable system to provide a long term security solution.  Mesh and fencing can be epoxy coated, vinyl protected or galvanized based on architectural deisgn specifications.

Wire Rope Handrail Systems
Tendon Systems can provide turn-key stainless steel and galvanized wire rope assemblies for architectural handrail applications.

Barrier Cable Retrofits, Code Upgrades, Restoration & Replacement
Tendon Systems Barrier Cable Division can retrofit the existing barrier cable system in your parking structure to meet updated building code requirements or to avoid a life safety issue.  Tendon Systems will even come in and replace or restore other company’s products that prematurely deteriorated.

Tendon Systems Structural Engineers can design new terminations and support posts to meet the newer and more stringent Code requirements.   Tendon Systems team of Engineers, Project Managers and PTI Certified field crews are your turn-key source for barrier cable replacement.

Traffic Coatings, Sealants and Specialty Services
Tendon Systems Superintendents and craft workers are also experienced in traffic coatings, sealants and other specialty services.  This work can be simultaneously completed during barrier cable installation which provides an acceleration of the total construction schedule.

As a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute ( ICRI), Tendon Systems stays abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations with materials and methods to extend project durability.

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